Oklahoma House Passes Bill to Ensure Fairness in Wine Shipping


HB 3162 fights tax evasion by out-of-state companies

OKLAHOMA CITY (March 13, 2020) – The Oklahoma House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved House Bill 3162, which would help ensure fairness and proper tax collection from out-of-state companies shipping wine to Oklahoma consumers. John Maisch, president of the Institute for Responsible Alcohol Policy, praised the vote.

“When Oklahomans voted to allow direct-to-consumer wine shipments, they wisely required out-of-state wineries to collect and remit the same taxes as in-state retailers. This ensures a fair market and protects Oklahoma businesses,” Maisch said.

As long as some companies are illegally shipping alcoholic beverages into the state and evading Oklahoma excise or sales taxes, the Oklahoma Legislators must reinstate the penalties that were supposed to be imposed against companies failing to collect or remit those taxes. This will  provide a level playing field for local businesses and generate additional revenue for state and local budgets.”

“The 91-0 vote in the House indicates strong, bipartisan support for this common-sense measure, and we hope the Senate will quickly approve it as well,” Maisch said.

Under existing law, direct-to-consumer shippers are required to apply for sales and excise tax licenses; collect and remit those taxes; and report on their shipments.

About the Institute for Responsible Alcohol Policy
The Institute for Responsible Alcohol Policy (IRAP) is a nonprofit corporation which represents the interests of alcohol wholesalers in Oklahoma. IRAP supports policies consistent with wholesalers’ role of serving as a conduit for alcoholic beverages produced or imported into Oklahoma.

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