Institute for Responsible Alcohol Policy

Our Impact

Oklahoma’s wine and spirits wholesalers provide economic benefits across the state.



Our members employ more than
750 Oklahomans


Tax Revenue

IRAP members pay more than $10 million
a year in state taxes



More than 11,000 retailers rely on IRAP members to keep their shelves and bars stocked

Our Mission

We support the modern three-tier distribution system Oklahomans depend on for safety and reliability. IRAP stands up for local wholesalers and promotes policies consistent with their role in delivering wine and spirits, whether those beverages are produced in Oklahoma or anywhere else in the world.

Top News Stories

New law allows minors in Oklahoma liquor stores

Many people said they're happy with the new law and that it will make it safer for some to stop by liquor stores.

Oklahoma State Supreme Court hears argument over liquor distribution

The Oklahoma State Supreme Court is in recess after hearing arguments over how the state regulates alcohol sales.

Oklahoma liquor law modifying distribution guidelines found unconstitutional

The Institute for Responsible Alcohol Policy said restricting access to product is a right manufactures enjoy in other states.