About IRAP

Mission Statement

IRAP educates the public about the role of the three-tier distribution system and the accountability it provides. We also support responsible policies consistent with wholesalers serving as intermediaries for alcoholic beverages produced or imported into Oklahoma.

Our Organization

IRAP is proud to represent beer, wine and spirits distributors in Oklahoma. These majority locally owned companies have served our state for decades, helping producers reach the market and retailers deliver the products their customers enjoy.

IRAP President Samantha Davidson Guinn uses her government affairs background to help shape policy around alcohol regulations. She previously oversaw Gov. Kevin Stitt’s policy and legislative agenda, and she most recently served as deputy attorney general and chief of policy within the Office of the Oklahoma Attorney General. As a member of the President Pro Temp’s office, Davidson Guinn was an integral part of modernizing Oklahoma’s alcohol laws in 2016.

Southern Glazer's

IRAP Member


IRAP Member

Our Story

Since Prohibition ended, small business owners have formed the backbone of Oklahoma’s alcohol industry. Over the decades, they have provided jobs for thousands of Oklahomans while safely and reliably helping distributors and producers deliver the products adult citizens enjoy.

Three generations of the Naifeh family have helped lead the industry for more than 60 years, first under the Central Liquor Co. brand, and now as a partner of Republic National Distributing Co.

They remain strong advocates for Oklahoma-owned businesses and for creating a state where consumers can purchase the products they want without worry.

Similarly, the Jarboe family has been part of Oklahoma’s alcohol industry since 1959, when Joe R. Jarboe received a wholesale license from the ABLE commission. Joe was elected as the first president of the Oklahoma Wholesalers Association. His descendants remain key members of the community, as their locally owned company works under the Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits umbrella.