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Institute for Responsible Alcohol Policy Names Samantha Davidson Guinn President 

The Institute for Responsible Alcohol Policy (IRAP) has hired Samantha Davidson Guinn as its president.

Out-of-state wine sellers not paying sales taxes

Oklahoma wine retailers should not be put at a disadvantage by out-of-state wine sales online, said state Rep. Ryan Martinez, R-Edmond, during a pre-session legislative breakfast.

Supreme Court affirms ruling striking down unconstitutional alcohol bill

The Oklahoma Supreme Court has upheld a district court’s decision ruling Senate Bill 608 unconstitutional and invalid, ending a legal battle which lasted several months.

Oklahoma Supreme Court rules alcohol law unconstitutional

The Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled Wednesday on the state's alcohol laws. Justices said a state law designed to prevent monopolies in the industry is unconstitutional.

New law allows minors in Oklahoma liquor stores

Many people said they're happy with the new law and that it will make it safer for some to stop by liquor stores.

Oklahoma State Supreme Court hears argument over liquor distribution

The Oklahoma State Supreme Court is in recess after hearing arguments over how the state regulates alcohol sales.

Oklahoma liquor law modifying distribution guidelines found unconstitutional

The Institute for Responsible Alcohol Policy said restricting access to product is a right manufactures enjoy in other states.

Group suing Oklahoma over alcohol law

The Institute for Responsible Alcohol Policy says lawmakers are going against the will of the people with a state bill.

Oklahoma judge rules alcohol distribution law unconstitutional

“This is a victory for the voters of Oklahoma, who overwhelmingly approved changes to the state’s alcohol distribution laws when they said yes to State Question 792 in 2016,” said Institute for Responsible Alcohol Policy (IRAP) President John Maisch.

Liquor and wine businesses file lawsuit, call new law unconstitutional

More than a dozen members of the liquor and wine industry filed a lawsuit this week asking the Oklahoma Supreme Court to stop a law that — they say, will disrupt their business.

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