How the Three-Tier System Works

Oklahoma’s alcohol distribution system is extremely well-regulated. This approach helps guarantee safety, oversight and integrity from the producer to the consumer.


Brewers, wineries and distillers produce beer, wine and spirits.


Distributors and wholesalers purchase alcoholic beverages from producers and deliver to retailers.


Bars, restaurants, grocery/convenience stores, package liquor stores and entertainment venues sell alcoholic beverages to consumers.

How the Three-Tier System Benefits Businesses and Consumers


As a consumer, you can trust you will receive genuine, tamper-free products. In nations without these controls, illnesses are often attributed to counterfeit beverages.

Variety and Choice

The system creates competition and allows new brands and products to enter the market.

Responsible Oversight

Under the three-tier system, taxes are reliably collected and regulators are able to monitor the industry to ensure laws are enforced.

Contact Your Legislators

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